Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still Working

So I haven't really been posting too much personal info recently, and that's because I'm trying to act like I'm busy.... The Explosive Sports Performance venture has been picking up, and we're growing each week. It's nice to see the constant improvement, but it's frustrating dealing with the sometimes excruciatingly slow process of growth. 1 new client a week is a great thing for us, but when you're starting from scratch it just never feels like enough.

The bright side is that I still have plenty of time to hang with Megan, play volleyball (I'm getting better!), get in a little pick-up Ultimate, get my workouts in, and read. I've probably done way too much reading since signing back up at the NB Library, but it's a nice out from any frustration I may feel from lack of work sometimes.

We had our first visitor this past weekend, (Thanks for making the trip, Dave!), and it was great to have someone we've been so close to for the last few years come down. It meant a lot to Megan and I, and I really hope we're able to return the favor soon. I should probably mention that it was sweet to have an enthusiastic disc golf partner for a few rounds as well. Since I've been crap at "real" golf the last few times out, I may need to make it out to the disc golf courses out in SA a little more often. At least that's something I'm fairly decent at and I know I could easily improve with a few rounds under my belt.

Anyway, I thought I would just drop a quick post to let you guys know I'm still alive. Figured I'd switch the blog name again (really, why does it even need a name?) since I've been out and this thing has been severely dated.

Hope things are well wherever you are. It's bedtime here!